Sam Burton

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Winter Hill, historically known as Edgar Hill, is currently the site of one of the largest  telecommunication masts in the North of England. It serves approximately six million people, reaching as far as North Wales. Today, the surrounding areas, including Rivington Pike, are often used for leisure purpose and to celebrate Good Friday during Easter Holidays, according to local traditions.

The site is uncannily the location of multiple air disasters and burial mounds. With a history dating back to around 1500 BC, it has been in use well before it was ever considered for broadcasting back in the 1950s. In 2018, the immediate landscape was decimated by wildfires burning over seven square miles of moorland over 41 days, where firefighters from around the region were called in to tackle the blaze.

The locations of such history, and the mysteries surrounding Winter Hill’s past, are therefore unknown to many who use or pass through the land.

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