Sam Burton

Feature | Photograd - PGZ: A Brexit Edtion

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be selected for feature in the very first downloadable zine released by Photograd.

‘Photograd is an online platform documenting the journey of photography
graduates from UK based courses. Photograd’s aim is to showcase,
support, and encourage both older and more recent graduates, and provide
an incentive to continue making work which we feel can become lost post
university.’ - taken from the Photograd website.

Alongside 13 other photographers, my series A Farmer & His Dogs and other works were selected by Photograd due to their relation to the topic of Brexit. Assisting Melissa Belton (Manager and Founder of Photograd) with selections, curation and interviews was an excellent team consisting of Joanne Coates, Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz, Tom Coleman, Chloe Juno, and Brendan Barry.

The work encompasses many of the issues surrounding the topic of Brexit, demonstrating personal, observational and conceptual accounts of it’s expectedly international effects. With a widespread focus on various subjects, both specific and more interpretive; many of the photographers have felt or witnessed the ripples throughout society that merely discussions have caused - the actuality of Britain’s leave from the European Union and it’s final denotations are yet to unfold.

There are plans to release a second edition of this downloadable zine, with a printed edition possibly set to be released further down the line.

You can purchase a copy of PGZ: A Brexit Edition here.

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