Sam Burton

Feature | Source Graduate Photography Online

As part of our final module during our third year at university, we were given the opportunity to get involved in the Source Graduate Online portfolio. 

The platform is run by Source Photographic Review, hosting work from graduates across the country. It provides a space for emerging photographers to showcase their work under the name of a reputable organisation straight out of university, levelling the playing field in terms of displaying work. 

Work is shown uniformly across the site, separated into collections per university and then into each project, with links to the photographer’s relevant social media platforms or website included included. The submission process involves the appointment of a single course representative, who deals with gathering information and work from all applicants before the deadline. From my experience, this encourages positive pressure between peers to get work ready for submission, or at least to a presentable state. Submitting to the Graduate Online portfolio also forces applicants to be selective with their work, enforcing a maximum number of images where they may be required to omit pictures from work that belongs to a wider series.

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